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Всем привет!
Я Лина, учусь на визажиста, мне 20 лет.
Люблю смотреть фильмы, слушать музыку и гулять с собакой.
Ну и конечно люблю мейкап!

chajleen makeup portfolio bright matte palette

bright matte palette, pastels lilac, pretty in pink palette, ocean blues palette 

chajleen makeup portfolio halloween look

Simple halloween look

chajleen makeup portfolio Red dragon palette

Red dragon palette

chajleen makeup portfolio Ocean blues palette

Ocean blues palette

chajleen makeup portfolio Natural nudes palette

Natural nudes palette

chajleen makeup portfolio butterfly

inspired by butterfly emodji 🦋

chajleen photo

Lina | Moscow

Just me, myself and I, exploring the universe of unknown. I have a heart of love and I want to share my world with you.
If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me on social media.

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